For Immediate Hiring

Accounting and Finance Department Finance Manager
Human Resources Department HR Manager HR Assistant
E/E Installation Department Installation Manager
Project Engineers
Project-Contract Workers Apprentices
AC/R Sales & Engineering Department Sales Manager
Sales Executive/Sales Engineers Design & Estimate Engineer
E/E Engineering Department Assistant Manager
Staff Engineer
Administration Department Project Information Systems (PIS) Assistant
E/E Division Safety Officers
E/E Sales Department Sales Engineers/Sales Executives
E/E Service Department Service Sales Engineers Service Engineers Project-Contract Workers
QA Department QA Engineers Testing & Commissioning Engineers
VisMin Sales Engineers/Executives
(E/E and AC&R Sales Departments)
Testing & Commissioning Engineers
(QA / Testing & Commissioning Department)
Service Engineers
(E/E Service Department)
Project Engineers
(E/E Installation Department)
Service Technician
(Diesel Generator Department)
Project-Contract Workers
(AC/R Service Department.)