Hand Dryers

Jet Towel Slim

  • For the environment

    No Waste Paper

    The high-speed Jet TowelTM hand dryer uses jet streams of air to dry hands, eliminating the paper waste associated with the use of paper towels, and thus relieving you of the trouble of waste disposal as well. The preservation of forest resources will also contribute to enhancing your corporate image.

  • For Corporate Management

    Substantial Cost Reduction

    The monthly expense is reduced to a fraction of the cost in comparison to paper towels or rolled-cloth towels. The higher the use, the greater the savings.

  • For Building Management

    Easy Maintenance

    Appealing to building management companies too! The only maintenance required is clean the air filter and removing water from the drain tank*. Save time by eliminating the daily replenishment of paper towels, disposal of paper waste and replacing rolled-cloth towels.

  • For Customers

    Improved Service

    Evaluated highly for its sanitary characteristics, the Jet Towel TM is popular among facilities and shops alike. In addition to its ability to dry hands completely in a matter of seconds and offer a clean sanitary environment for customers, maintenance and upkeep costs are minimized for maximum cost efficiency. The result, enhanced customer service.